Fatos Kongoli
Year of birth: 1944
lives in Tirana

Het beschrijf at Passa Porta
15. September 2008 -
27. October 2008

Foundation kunst:raum sylt quelle
23. November 2008 -
22. December 2008

The Loser
Bridgend/UK: Seren Books, 2007
Jete ne nje kuti shkrepesesh
N.N.: TOENA, 2007

Te porta e Shėn Pjetrit
N.N.: TOENA, 2005

Lėkura e qenit
N.N.: Toena, 2004

Ėndrra e Damokleut
N.N.: MCM, 2001

Dragoi i Fildishtė
N.N.: MCM, 1999

N.N.: MCM, 1994

I humburi
N.N.: Dituria, 1992

N.N.: Sh.B. Naim Frasheri, 1990

Ne te tre
N.N.: Sh.B. Naim Frasheri, 1985

Te fejuarit
N.N.: Sh.B. Naim Frasheri, 1982

N.N.: Sh.B. Naim Frasheri, 1978

Shqetesime te ngjashme
N.N.: Sh.B. Naim Frasheri, N.N.

Nje enderr europiane mes Al Pcinos dhe Kavabates
N.N.: Toena, 2000

Ne prtije te Nostradamusit
N.N.: Toena, 2007

Ne tė tre
N.N.: N.N., 1985

Tė fejuarit
N.N.: N.N., 1982

N.N.: N.N., 1978

Shqetėsime tė ngjashme
N.N.: N.N., 1972

Fatos Kongoli is deemed to be a co-founder of the Albanian democracy movement, but eventually gave up his political activities in favour of a career as a writer and translator. Since 1972, he regularly publishes novels in which he addressed the dead hand of communism, its surveillance machinery as well as the political and social upheavals which have followed since. Along with Ismail Kadare, Kongoli is the author read most in contemporary Albania and is deemed to be the most important chronicler of the transition from communism to democracy. An English translation of his novel "The Loser" was published by Seren Books in 2007.

Kongoli has received numerous distinctions for his work. He has been awarded the Albanian National Award for Literature several times (including for the best novel of the year and for his complete works). His novel "The Dream of Damokles" was awarded the "Balkanika" prize in 2003.

Fatos Kongoli lives in Tirana.

The HALMA grant for Fatos Kongoli was made possible by the S. Fischer foundation.