Thomo Manno kulturos centras

Lina Motuziene

Skruzdynes 17

93123 Neringa


Tel: +370 (0)469 52260

Fax: +370 (0)469 52260

The Thomas Mann Cultural Center (TMCC) was founded in 1995 by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, the University of Klaipėda and the Municipality of the city of Neringa. It is supervised by an international board of curators and funded by various sponsors. The Thomas Mann Cultural Center dedicates its activities to the advancement of European thought. Situated in the multi-ethnic area of the Lithuanian Baltic coast, it offers space to the personal encounter of those who want to exchange ideas about the past, present and future of culture(s). As an independent intellectual, Thomas Mann serves as the patron to our program and a symbolic host for the events in his former summerhouse in Nida.

If you take a ferry from Klaipėda to the Curonian Spit for the first time, it will probably be during the summer. Ten minutes by water is all it takes before you enter the Curonian Spit.

A strong wind plays in your hair, the water of the lagoon glitters in the sun. Perpetually hungry, the seagulls come very close and try to start a conversation in a foreign language. Their intentions are clear without understanding the language they speak. If there is no bread in your pocket, the birds lose interest very quickly. The closer to the Curonian Spit you come, the stronger the smell of the pines from the Spit. The smell calms you down, peace is in the air. You are impatient and feel like something special will happen any moment...

Thomas Mann Culture Center, which has become a site for international meetings, conferences and seminars, has been located at the house since 1995.