The apartment of the Slovene writers' association (DSP) is located in the centre of the capital Ljubljana, not far away from the picturesque old town. It is one of the writers' residences long carried on by the writerss' association.

The DSPDSP has a rich tradition of hosting foreign authors and in the past had several rooms available for guest writers. Unfortunately several of these properties no longer belong to the DSP

Of course, the DSP strongly supports the idea of mobility of European writers. This is because writers are the people who are most aware of the linguistic differences in Europe; differences which can be bridged by writers writing in their own language but in different countries. These differences become the origin of European cultural essence.

The DSPDSP building. If you stay in our apartment you always have access to professional help, if need be. Besides this you can meet several Slovenian authors and, of course, have the opportunity of presenting your work to the Slovenian literary public at a literary evening in the DSP building.

Lenart Zajc

HALMA grant holder Filipa Melo wrote about her stay at the Slovene Writers' Association Apartment. Her essay is available in the European Library of the HALMA network.