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»To the west, the valley takes up such a scale that you can only measure it in centuries and histories, in big pictures and big stories, and there is room for all of them. It wouldn’t surprise me to see pilgrims on donkeys, Hannibal with his elephants, Charlemagne with his army, or the lion and the witch of Narnia staging their epic fight.«

Winners of the Spycher: Leuk Literary Award

Thomas Hettche

"This is the most beautiful place in the world!"

Felicitas Hoppe

"James Baldwin spent the winter of 1951-1952 in Leuk writing Go Tell It on the Mountain

Daniel de Roulet

This is the air where you learn to breathe deep
At the sight of white peaks, yet it aches
Like wisdom teeth sometimes beneath your jaw.

Carries far far up, and down, the clear sound of bells
From the chapel, chocolate brown, by the village.

The stream and waterfall give off air so fresh
It makes you dizzy. The cable of the railway
Leads heavenwards directly through your stomach.

Man soon loses himself, as does the day,
The higher you climb into scree and snow.

It is the hour when the banks close
In the valley, the fairy gold loses its shine.
The cliff-face darkens and the cablecars stand still.

"Language in the Valais, as I experience it, is first and foremost something flexible. Presumably this is the reason why I have not yet attempted to define precisely in which world I am when I am in Leuk."

Marcel Beyer


Lavinia Greenlaw