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LCB in 1963, he conceived it as a central point on the German literary map. Today, the house in Berlin-Wannsee is not only an important address for authors and readers and a meeting place for international guests, but "a nerve centre of all of German-language literature", as the Zurich literature professor Peter von Matt once wrote.

Ever since then, world literature has been a guest on the banks of the Wannsee. The upper floors of the LCB house rooms for authors, translators and other guests; shortterm visitors and grant holders stay here. For hundreds of international authors, the LCB has become a symbol of cosmopolitan Berlin.


The main means of promoting authors are the international grants and literary prizes awarded here. The LCB

Beyond all this, the LCB is not only a forum, but also a protagonist of the literature industry. The editorial offices of "Sprache im technischen Zeitalter" made their home here in 1974. The magazine won the "Hermann Hesse Prize" in 2006, because it preserves "the culture of literary discussion" and "at the same time opens its doors to young authors of a new generation." And in that same year, the LCB

As well as authors, translators and their work are particularly important to the LCB. Ultimately, contact to the great and the unknown voices of world literature comes mainly through their translators, the true go-betweens of literature. If the LCB is indeed, "viewed from abroad, an irreplaceable model, a shining beacon", as Paul Nizon writes, then surely partly because literary translation has been highly important here for many years. The LCB

But the house on the Wannsee is not only a guesthouse, conference facility and academy, but also a venue for more than a hundred public events every year. The LCB


Hans-Joachim Neubauer

HALMA grant holder Filipa Melo wrote about her stay at the Literary Colloquium Berlin. Her essay is available in the European Library of the HALMA network.