"Waves of Three Seas"

Eleftheria Binikou

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»το μόνο παγκόσμιο αγαθό δεν είναι ούτε το νερό ούτε ο αεράς, τίποτα: είναι η μοιρασιά του Πολιτισμού.«

»the sole universal commodity is neither water nor air, nothing: it is the sharing of Culture.«

In the context of literature, the organises book presentations, tributes to writers, educational programmes, translation and creative writing workshops, seminars and conferences, often in collaboration with national and international organisations. The IWTCR

Furthermore, the IWTCR

Up to the present day, the

The in-residence writers and translators are often incorporated into the activities that the Center organises, for example educational activities: writers and translators visit local schools, read extracts from their literary works, and discuss with the students. In those meetings, the writers and translators act as representatives of world literature, encouraging a broad and vital enthusiasm to inspire the young towards the attainment of an intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

The idea for the establishment of the Center was born in 1994 during a cruise on the Black and the Aegean Seas and in which more than 400 writers and translators from 30 countries participated. The municipality of Rhodes decided on the matter and gave permission for the Center to open in 1996. The operates under the auspices of UNESCO.

The island of Rhodes is the capital of the dodecanese island complex and is situated in the southeastern part of Greece. According to a myth, the island was given by the other Gods to Helios, the God of light, when he saw it emerge from the depths of the sea. Full of joy, Helios bathed the island in his eternal light. Since ancient times and due to its geographical position, Rhodes has been a hub of trade, not only for goods but for cultural products as well. Bridging the East and the West, the island has always welcomed visitors from all over the world, embracing multi-culturalism and acting for the common good.

The IWTCR continues this historical and cultural tradition. Intentionally or not, the intercultural processes that take place at the Center turn into public dialogues in times of successive crises and social dead ends. Thus the symposium "The Necessity of Dialogue Among Cultures", which took place in July 2006 in the framework of the ten-year anniversary of the IWTCR, managed to bring together in discussion Palestinians, Israelis, Iranians, Syrians, Turks, Greeks, Bulgarians, Germans, Russians, Swedes, Fins, Lithuanians and others, at a time when the conflict in Lebanon between Hamas and Israel was raging.

The model IWTCR manifests the benefits that derive from the sharing of culture. Those who visit or stay at the IWTCR acquire a sense of belonging to an intellectual community whose foundations are the communicative exchange and creation of literature. Now the HALMA houses have taken the leap ("halma" in Greek) and joined forces for the achievement of broader communication and exchange through new literary paths.

Matina Chatzimarkou, Eleftheria Binikou

HALMA grant holder Annette Mingels wrote about her stay at the International Writers' and Translators' Center. Her essay is available in the European Library of the HALMA network.