International Elias Canetti Society

Prof. Dr. Penka Angelova

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Elias Canetti
»Es soll die Wand nicht weggedacht werden, gegen die wir rennen.«

»One should not imagine the wall gone with which one collides.«

Together with authors like Hermann Broch and Robert Musil, Elias Canetti was one of the founders of Cultural Studies in Europe. Both his artistic and his theoretical work draw on his knowledge of humankind and humanity, place human life as the highest good and set the guidelines for new structures of thinking on peace. With his theoretical work he created a group of definitions, a set of tools with which he wanted to "grab the century by the throat", defying the evils of power and domination, war and murder.

The International Elias Canetti Society (IECG

Under the management of the International Elias Canetti SocietyIECG has worked with the local and regional authorities on an institutional basis: maintenance of the "Austrian Elias Canetti Library" in conjunction with the Austrian Embassy; employment of a cultural manager as the Programme Director in conjunction with the Robert Bosch Foundation; award of a National "Elias Canetti Prize for Literature by the City of Ruse".

In 2005, the Elias Canetti Centre opened its doors in the centre of Ruse, run and initiated by the International Elias Canetti Society. The Elias Canetti Centre houses the "Austrian Elias Canetti Library", seminar rooms and an exhibition space. The rooms are finding increasing use by local and international initiatives, youth groups and students for their events and international meetings.

The International Elias Canetti Society

HALMA grant holder Daniel Goetsch wrote about his stay at the Elias Canetti Center. His essay is available in the European Library of the HALMA network.