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The House of Literature Schleswig-Holstein Association was founded in 1989 and serves both as a house of literature in the regional capital of Kiel, and as a literary bureau for the entire federal state. Continuous events in the house present new German-speaking literature as well as foreign-language authors especially from countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. A program for children and adolescents completes the range. Concerning Schleswig-Holstein, the House of Literature organizes the Literary Summer with an annually changing focus on one country, the "European Festival of the First Novel", and the "Liliencron-lectureship" which is reserved strictly for poetry. Furthermore, it offers counselling and training for literary workers, as well as a public platform for new manuscripts. The House of Literature Schleswig-Holstein is basically supported by means of the federal state. In addition to this, there are constant as well as varying cooperations and sponsorships in order to secure the work on current projects.

Bei Itzehoe. Here

lie comforting spaces
between sea and sea
swamp and marsh
wetness and nothing


Every step
leads into silence
interspersed with little towns
bowing to the quiet


the concealing mists are at home
and the Vikings long since


And, one would like to add, in May and June these comforting spaces glow rapeseed yellow under a clear blue sky.

kunst:raum sylt quelle

The Schleswig-Holstein Literature HouseLiterature House provides information and advice, a monthly event for presenting new manuscripts and the "Nordtext" literary workshops in conjunction with the Nordkolleg Rendsburg.

Authors and readers come together in the Literature House

Since 2003, the Literature House

The Literature House offers HALMA grant holders a place to stay in the residential houses mentioned above and arranges readings in various locations and contacts to local writers for visiting authors. A HALMA grant is also planned for one to two participants of the annual "European Festival of the First Novel".

Wolfgang Sandfuchs