Stiftung kunst:raum sylt quelle

But something always takes effect on all the writers, musicians, painters and filmmakers whom the founder Indra Wussow invites to Rantum on Sylt. Some spend night after night discussing the meaning of life with the others. Some barricade themselves into their apartments for weeks on end. And then others get together to work on a project, the results of which are exhibited in the gallery of the kunst:raum sylt quelle a few months later. An inspiring place, and a free place. The literary scholar Indra Wussow is the director, curator, hostess and go-between in this unique construction that goes against all simple labels. The five apartments on the grounds of the mineral spring Sylt Quelle house some 50 different artists throughout the year.

kunst:raum sylt quelle becomes a much more public place than out of season. The courtyard between the hall, the residential building and the glass Quellenpavillon is overrun with sun-worshipping coffee-drinkers. The production hall is the "grand hall" for theatre, readings, concerts and the presentations of the Summer of Science. Pictures, sculptures and installations are on show on the top floor of the Quellenhaus.

Most of these works are only loosely connected with the island of Sylt, if at all; the guests are free to choose their own themes. But in the diverse networks that have arisen and been further spun between the friends of the kunst: raum sylt quelle