Portul Cultural Cetate

Maria Dinescu

Casa Port judetul Dolj

207190 Cetate



Mircea Dinescu
»daţi-mi mie pe mînă un ziar de provincie / şi-o baracă de scînduri cu o firmă soioasă / şi-n trei zile oraşele vor duhni a vanilie / şi a porturi deschise«

»lemme just have the run of some small-town gazette / have the run of a shed with a dingy old sign / and within just three days this here town’s going to reek of vanilla / and of wide-open harbours«

The Culture Port Cetate

In 1945 the port was closed down and its offices converted into barracks for the border patrol, while the wheat grain unexpectedly changed its adventurous course Moscowwards. The grain merchants registered with the port, about one thousand of them, including large numbers of Greeks and Jews, took their cue to emigrate or alternately languished away in communist prisons.

After the revolution of December 1989, the main office building of the port, designed by Italian architects, was vandalised by the locals and demoted to a shed accommodating twelve porkers and two cows.

Mircea Dinescu