Fundacja Pogranicze

Ksenija Konopek

ul. Kosciuszki 71

16-400 Suwałki


Tel: +48 (0)87 565 03 69


Czesław Miłosz

Pogranicze (Borderland

The founders of Pogranicze arrived here following a literary trail. The Suwałki region is the only area of contemporary Poland to preserve an authentic Romantic landscape connected with the former Great Duchy of Lithuania. Here was situated the family home of Czesław Miłosz, the greatest 20th century writer of the Polish language. He was born in Szetejnie, now on the Lithuanian side of the border, but his family owned a manor in Krasnogruda, near Sejny, where he often visited and wrote. As a Nobel Prize winner he began returning here from his exile becoming one of the patrons and closest friends of Pogranicze.

The Centre Pogranicze

Krzysztof Czyżewski