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In 2011 and 2012 HALMA is supported by the European Commission. Anyhow the European Commission can not be held responsible for the content of this page.

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HALMA connects literary centres of Europe, organizes intercultural exchange and allows actors of literary life – authors, translators, promoters – to experience the variety of different cultures. The HALMA network creates alterable structures which promote dialogue and exchange between European regions. Within a framework of cooperations, events, and scholarships, HALMA creates a forum for transnational encounter.

As in the game "Halma" (Greek: jump) the network provides ideal opportunities to move from one European house to another in order to work, to research or to realize projects, since literature and culture have developed a deep and sustainable connection in many places. 16 literary centres in Central and Eastern Europe have founded the network. An enlargement, particularly towards Western Europe, has already begun. Currently HALMA represents 26 literary institutions in 21 countries.